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To meet the challenges of sustainable livestock farming for the future Discover our research themes

Research for businesses

France Futur Elevage is the favoured research and development partner of the food, farming and pharmaceutical industries to rise to the challenges of sustainable and responsible farming for the future

It offers a range of multidisciplinary and integrated research and innovations, from the laboratory to the farm, for businesses, professional organisations and actors in the livestock sector.

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350 ongoing contracts

Pieces de monnaie empilées

€13 M€/year in contractual revenues

It covers all livestock rearing sectors: cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, poultry, rabbits, fish, bees.

>200 socio-economic partners

+40% since 2016

Our added value

Gateway to a wide range of public agricultural and veterinary research
A centralised and coordinated research and innovation offering: aggregating knowledge and skills in research to serve businesses and their activities

Synergy of a network with multidisciplinary skills
Support to identify the most relevant team(s) that are capable of providing the best solution to a given research and innovation need

Guarantees the quality of the partnership
Professionalism in appraising and monitoring contracts

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Our commitments

carnot commitments

France Futur Elevage is ISO9001/2015 certified in recognition of its good contractualisation practices in terms of collaborative research and intellectual property

The different parnerships



— Project ordered by the partner
— Application of a protocol known to the laboratory Performed by the laboratory only
— Obligation of means and results for the laboratory
— Total funding of the whole cost of the service by the industrial partner— No publication
— Ownership of the results to the funder


— Project discussed with the partner
— The implementation can be shared with the funding partner
— Obligation of means for the laboratory
— Participation in the total cost of the research by the industrial partner
— Publication
— Ownership of the results to be discussed


Subsidised collaborative research projects carried out through research contracts that are subsidised by the public authorities (state, regional authorities, national agencies, European public funds, etc.), involving one or several socio-economic partners.

Opportunités de partenariats
et d’expertises

– Expertise/exemples d’expertise et d’outils à disposition de collaborations et prestations
– Offres de partenariat
– Offre techno actuelles

Eleveur et vétérinaire discutant en regardant une tablette avec une vache derrière eux

Our experimental facilities made available

Île de France

Plateforme d’Infectiologie Expérimentale des Rongeurs et Poissons


UE Herbipôle – Systèmes d’Elevage de Ruminants de Moyenne Montagne

Bourgogne – Franche-Comté

Aucune installation dans cette région


Station expérimentale porcine de Romillé

Installation Expérimentale de Production Laitière bovine et caprine de Méjusseaume

Unité Expérimentale sur les Systèmes d’Elevage Aquacoles

Unité Expérimentale Physiologie et Phénotypage des Porcs

Station expérimentale bovins viande – veau de boucherie des Bouviers

Centre – Val de Loire

Plateforme d’infectiologie expérimentale (PFIE)

Pôle d’Expérimentation Avicole de Tours (PEAT)

Unité Expérimentale Pôle de Phénotypage des Petits Ruminants Bourges

Unité Expérimentale de Physiologie Animale de l’Orfrasière (PAO)

Grand Est

Aucune installation dans cette région


Aucune installation dans cette région


Unité Expérimentale du Pin


Ferme expérimentale ovins viande du Mourier

Installation expérimentale piscicole de Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle

Unité Expérimentale Systèmes d’Elevage Avicoles Alternatifs

Unité Expérimentale Elevages Porcins Innovants

Unité Expérimentale Fourrages, Ruminants et Environnement


Unité Expérimentale de la Fage

Pays de la Loire

Station expérimentale aquacole en eau douce

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Aucune installation dans cette région

Cooperation mechanisms

Do you have a research question and are you looking for a R&D partner?

We are here to listen and guide you and put you in contact with the team within our network that could best meet your needs. We can help to translate your needs into a concrete research programme.

Please send your research questions to contact@francefuturelevage.com

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