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The network

Carnot F2E is a network of public research laboratories and agricultural technical institutes (ITA) working to promote R&D collaboration and innovation transfer to the livestock industry.

France Futur Élevage is led by INRAE and brings together the expertise of internationally acclaimed academics working in agricultural and veterinary research (INRAE, CIRAD, French agronomy and veterinary schools) and the expert know-how in R&D of three leading international agricultural technical institutes (IDELE, IFIP, ITAVI).

Armed with these multidisciplinary skills, France Futur Elevage aims to respond to the challenges of developing sustainable and responsible livestock farming for the future through research and innovation.


The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE) is a research body that contributes to meeting these challenges. INRAE proposes new directions in research, innovation and public policy support to promote the development of sustainable food and agricultural systems. It aims to bring solutions for life, humanity and the planet.

Logo de l'ITAVI Institut technique des filières avicole, cunicole et piscicole

ITAVI is an applied research body that aims to meet the expectations of the poultry, rabbit and fish farming industries in terms of research and development. It is positioned at the interface between fundamental research and the field, and as such plays a role of activating innovation.

Logo Cirad

The French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) is the French agricultural research and cooperation organization working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions. With its partners in the Global South, Cirad produces and transmits new knowledge to support agricultural innovation and development. Its scientific and institutional expertise serves to help shape public policies in these countries and to inform international debates on the great challenges in agriculture today. It provides support to France’s scientific diplomacy work.

Logo de l'ENVT Ecole nationale vétérinaire de Toulouse

Through its clinical activities, the Toulouse national veterinary school (ENVT) is closely linked to its urban surroundings and the rural Great South-West region. Its research activities are steered in partnership with the research institutes (INRA, INSERM) or teams from the University of Toulouse, and have long been held to international acclaim. It is anchored in the local areas, as spaces for both economic activity and everyday life, where veterinary practitioners are key economic players. The school is also very open to the world. It is involved in nearly 50 exchange programmes, and offers its students, teachers and researchers many opportunities to travel abroad.

Logo d'ONIRIS École nationale vétérinaire, agroalimentaire et de l'alimentation de Nantes-Atlantique

Oniris is the Ministry of Agriculture and Food’s higher education and research establishment. It studies a very broad range of themes, including animal health and public health, clinical and biomedical fields, food sciences and process engineering. Oniris aims to act in the fields of animal and human nutrition and health, by actively contributing to the concept of “one medicine, one health”. It trains students in veterinary and engineering professions.

Logo de l'Instituts Agro

The Institut Agro is a school within the National Institute for Higher Education for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (institut Agro). It is located in the leading agricultural, maritime and food basin of Europe, and has long been known for its training programmes and research in the fields of food, agriculture and the environment. The school makes the most of its local area to develop scientific expertise and play a major role in the transitions of the sectors. It carries out fundamental and applied research in collaboration with INRAE, its closest partner, and particularly on the more specific themes of agri-food, fisheries and landscape.

Logo de l'université de Tours

The University of Tours is a state institution for scientific, cultural and professional teaching. With more than 36 research laboratories, it is recognised as the leading public research institution in the Centre Val-de-Loire region.

Logo IDELE Institut de l'élevage

The institut de l’élevage (Livestock Institute, Idele) is the reference technical institute for ruminant farming. It aims to increase the competitiveness of grazing livestock farms and their sectors, while also providing some of the solutions to societal issues. Its work provides technical solutions for cow, sheep, goat and horse farms.

Logo de l'IFIP Institut du porc

The IFIP-Institut du porc is the technical institute for Research and Development in the pig meat sector. It provides support for the various professionals in the French pig meat sector, artisanal food producers and industries working in genetics, as well as the animal feed, slaughter and cutting and livestock raising professions. It produces and transfers the technical and economic references required to steer and develop activities in the pig meat sector. The Institute’s research and development activities cover the areas of competitiveness, sustainability and innovation.

Our mission

Develop sustainable and responsible livestock farming and, in close collaboration with the actors in the industry, build a range of innovations with high added value.

Organise a network for research on animal production and integrate this into the national Carnot initiative
Function as a network to address the challenges of livestock farming of the future

Renew knowledge and expertise via scientific resourcing
Develop expertise to meet the sectors’ R&D needs, particularly through annual calls for Scientific Resourcing projects

Develop collaborative research projects with the socio-economic world
Promote a range of research and innovation; facilitate links between public research and the R&D needs of the socio-economic actors.

Adopt a quality approach to partnership relations
Make available tools and procedures that ensure the contractual commitments are respected and followed and thus guarantee professionalism in the partnership

We base our work directly on the partnership arrangements of our parent organisations.

The Carnot label

In recognition of its scientific excellence and ability to carry out upstream research and partnership activities simultaneously to serve the socio-economic world, France Futur Elevage has held the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation’s (MESRI) Carnot label since 2011.

ISO 9001 certification

The label guarantees professionalism, as does the ISO 9001 certification, which is awarded for scientific excellence, professionalism and high quality partnerships

Un chercheur.se observe au microscope à l'arrière plan. Au premier plan des aliments sont visibles


INRAE Transfert is responsible for the operational management of Carnot, by mandate of the parent organisations


The laboratories and technical institutes that are members of Carnot

15 Research units

1 Experimental unit

3 Technical institutes

1300 researchers

+170 doctoral students including

47 CIFRE theses

700/year tier A publications

Our teams

The research units and teams at the agricultural technical institutes constituting France Futur Elevage are spread across France:

Île de France

• UMR 0892 Virologie et Immunologie Moléculaires
• UMR 1198 Biologie et reproduction, Environnement, Épigénétique et Développement
• UMR 1313 Génétique Animale et Biologie Intégrative
• Institut de l’Élevage
• Institut du Porc
• Institut Technique de l’Aviculture, de l’Aquaculture, de la Cuniculture


• UMR 1213 Herbivores
• Institut de l’Élevage

Bourgogne – Franche-Comté


• UMR 1348 Physiologie, Environnement et Génétique pour l’animal et les systèmes d’élevage
• Institut de l’Élevage
• Institut du Porc
• Institut Technique de l’Aviculture, de l’Aquaculture, de la Cuniculture

Centre – Val de Loire

• UMR 0083 Biologie des Oiseaux et Aviculture
• UMR 0085 Physiologie de la Reproduction et des Comportements
• UMR 1282 Infectiologie et Santé Publique
• UE 1277 Plateforme d’Infectiologie Expérimentale
• Institut Technique de l’Aviculture, de l’Aquaculture, de la Cuniculture

Grand Est




• UMR 1419 Nutrition, Métabolisme, Aquaculture
• Institut de l’Élevage
• Institut Technique de l’Aviculture, de l’Aquaculture, de la Cuniculture


• UMR 1225 Interactions Hôtes-Agents Pathogènes
• UMR 1331 Toxicologie Alimentaire
• UMR 1388 Génétique Physiologie et systèmes d’Élevage
• UMR 1309 Animal, Santé, Territoires, Risques et Écosystèmes
• UMR 1436 Innovations thérapeutiques et résistances
• Institut de l’Élevage

Pays de la Loire

• UMR 1300 Biologie Épidémiologie et analyse de Risque en santé animale
• Institut de l’Élevage
• Institut Technique de l’Aviculture, de l’Aquaculture, de la Cuniculture

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

A network that reaches all of our parent organisations

Within a second circle of organisations, France Futur Elevage brings together animal production expertise from all of the parent organisations’ teams. It thus provides access to all the research efforts of its parent organisations and public partners.

Coq au premier plan et au second plan, une personne en blouse blanche tenant une seringue

Activity report

Couverture du Rapport d'activité 2020


Couverture rapport d'activité Carnot F2E 2021



Our thematic axes